Rest assured that we follow all CDC health recommendations regarding the sanitizing of Surfaces and Practice areas. We have implemented additional guidelines for our Staff Members and Students. Due to the Texas Governors recent executive order about the wearing of face masks, EVERYONE age 10 and up will need to be wearing a face mask inside the studio at all times. We will also have a door monitor at the back door at all times to monitor who is entering/exiting and assist parents with any questions they may have.

If your child displays a fever, any symptoms, or complains of illness please keep them at home.

The safety of our students and staff is our top priority!

Here is how we will make it work.  Please support us in this endeavor and our instructional video is attached for your enjoyment!



  • Students will wait at our door on the second level of the blue parking garage until their teacher comes out to walk them into the building.
  • Everyone will have their temperatures checked at the door before entering.
  • Students will be escorted (by a staff member wearing a mask) into the studio and into the correct classroom.
  • Parents will not be allowed in the studio.
  • For dancers who are age 6 and under only ONE parent per child will be allowed in the lobby. That parent must wear a mask and social distancing will be enforced. No siblings, friends, or grandparents will be allowed inside.
  • Dancers will need to bring only their dance shoes needed for class, and water bottles. No vending machines or water fountains will be in use.
  • Absolutely no food will be allowed in the building at this time.



  • At the beginning of every class students will use hand sanitizer.
  • Your dancer is more than welcome to wear a face mask or gloves during all classes.
  • Staff and students will maintain social distancing during classes.
  • There will be X’s on the ground marking where each dancer can stand.  Class sizes will be based on the square footage of the room and how we can keep everyone safely apart.
  • We will avoid all hands on teaching during this time.



  • Classes will all end 15 minutes early.  This will allow for proper sanitation of rooms between classes and allow for a safe entrance and exit of the building for all dancers.
  • Everyone will receive hand sanitizer before leaving the room.
  • All barres and door handles will be wiped down, and the air/floor will be sprayed with a disinfectant between every class.
  • A staff member will escort all of the dancers back to our door on the second level of the blue parking garage at the end of every class.
  • It is important that all parents arrive on time for pick up in order for this process to run smoothly.
  • Please park your car and meet your dancer at our door on the second level of the blue parking garage at the end of every class.
  • If your dancer has another class, the staff will escort them to their next room.


Please tell your children what to except when they come to class.  Also, keep in mind we are going to do everything in our power to follow these guidelines but sometimes small children aren’t the best rule followers.  Please bare with us as we all adjust to these new guidelines!

Important Dates

  • Studio Closed – Session Break
  • Summer Session
  • Drill Company Auditions
  • Officials Auditions
  • Performing Company/Intermix Auditions


  • NDH Nationals
  • LA Dance Magic Nationals


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