Stepping Stones

tilt-1Next Step Dance first opened its doors to aspiring young dancers in 2008.  Every year, more and more of our students go on to study dance at the collegiate and professional level.  Our NSD Alumni can be seen all over the world in professional dance companies, music videos, film, TV, and performing for professional and collegiate sports teams. Others have chosen to become dance teachers and are traveling the country choreographing and training young students of their own.

With all of these success stories, comes an even bigger crowd of alumni who danced their final performance with Next Step Dance.  They have gone on to pursue successful careers in the professional business world.  Although they may not be pursuing dance professionally, they will always carry with them all of the desirable qualities training at Next Step Dance has instilled in them.  While dance training is our priority, we also know how important it is for our dancers to learn more than just the steps.


Why all of the sacrifice, dedication, and commitment to the art if you’re not going to pursue it professionally? Your dancer will leave Next Step Dance with a set of life skills that will carry them through any situation they may be faced with in their personal and professional life.  Different scenarios will help your dancer learn time management, responsibility, teamwork, commitment, and perseverance, all while gaining confidence and expressing their creativity.

Our students at Next Step Dance make lifelong friendships and unforgettable memories.  Whether your child spends one or twenty hours a week at the studio, they are all a special part of the ever-growing Next Step Dance family.  We are grateful to all of our parents for allowing us to do what we love and have an impact on your child’s life.  Thank you for choosing Next Step Dance as your home away from home!

Important Dates

  • Summer Session
  • Company Auditions 2024
  • Studio Closed – Session Break
  • Summer Intensive
  • Fall/Spring Classes Begin


  • Streetz Nationals – Intermix Company


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